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Krmbs originated during harsh times. I come from a place where people struggled. Struggled Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. Struggled to pay bills and struggled with the worst of them all... struggled to keep food on the table. Many couldn't afford to eat out, many couldn't eat at all. We've learned as a community to make do with what we had scraping up whatever one could find in the crib, crumbs. That is how I came up with the name “Krmbs”. Applying that very concept of surviving, with the lifestyle of struggle, a hunger was formed and drove the artistic beast to persevere and fuel change. Living day to day with the mindset that you gotta get it by any means necessary. Struggle to Prosper is how I like to put it!

Krmbs Apparel was born at the intersection of struggle and creativity. As a young man born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn New York, I was organically made into a thorough bred entrepreneur. With the passion for art and a life full of hardship, Krmbs was created. Browse through the site and checkout the latest Krmbs merchandise.

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